Life Up Close: Challenging Teens to Embrace Sexual Integrity

Presented by Jason Soucinek.

Talking about healthy relationship choices and sexual integrity to a teenager or roomful of teenagers can be daunting. Jason Soucinek, the founder of Project Six19 and an Associate Staff member, has been successfully addressing these issues with students for years in a variety of settings including churches, public schools, Christian schools, and youth groups. He is committed to training others to do the same. Life Up Close is a presentation developed for both those that want to teach in schools and others who want to share this information in the church.  This seminar will help participants motivate teens to make healthier life decisions while embracing the benefit of waiting until marriage before engaging in sexual activity.

During the one-day seminar, Jason will share a variety of topics including: current sexual trends and habits of youth and young adults, how to develop and teach character development, decision-making, boundary-setting, life-mapping, media literacy, and healthy relationship evaluation tools. The seminar also covers the social science surrounding early sexual activity outside of marriage, several messages about starting over, and the how-to’s of successfully navigating a tricky subject.

Learning option for Life Up Close presentation: For an additional cost, you can choose to be trained in the Life Up Closepresentation. Included in this presentation is the Life Up Close booklet. You will learn how to engage public school students, speak to school administrators and have a voice in your community on the topic of sexual integrity.

Target Audience:  Youth workers, pastors, teachers, pregnancy resource center staff, and parents.

If you are interested in hosting the Life Up Close seminar, please fill out the seminar request form by clicking here.