The Naked Truth About Sex and God

Presented by Jason Soucinek.

It seems like the church is really good about talking about God, but not Sex. The world is really good at talking about Sex, but not God. That was never what the Creator of this great gift intended.

This seminar is created for youth, college students and young adults. It helps shed the deceptions our sexualized culture communicates while being careful to not communicate a list of restrictions and “don’ts” and still honoring the full and wonderful breadth of God’s grand design as the sex-maker. It takes the lies shared in media and the truth found in Scripture through a fun and collaborative presentation. It is designed to move a teen or young adult from their apathetic, “sex is not a big deal, why wait?” attitude to an understanding of their bodies and recognizing that within every “NO” there is always a bigger “YES!”

Many formats are available for conferences, retreats, seminars, and community programs.

Seminar Length: 2 hours – 5 hours

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