Working with Teens in a Sexually Charged World

Presented by Jason Soucinek.

Believe it or not, our sexualized culture is becoming more and more sexualized. Truth has been jettisoned and individuals have become the authority, making their decisions – sexual and others – based on how they feel at any given point in time. Teens inhabit a world filled with Snapchat and Instagram, nonstop access to pornography and a media culture that only perpetuates their continued sexualization. You will learn ways to engage this reality by not communicating a list of restrictions and “don’ts” and still honoring the full and wonderful breadth of God’s grand design as the sex-maker.

This seminar was created for those that work directly with youth and serves as a tool for navigating the world that our youth are now living when it comes to the topics of sex, sexuality, and relationship. Further, as a youth worker, this seminar will help you become more comfortable with the issues teens and young adults face and how to speak about them honestly and wisely.

Many formats are available for conferences, retreats, seminars, and community programs.

Seminar Length: 2 hours – 3.5 hours

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