What is the Sexual Integrity Initiative?

The Sexual Integrity Initiative is brought to you through a partnership of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU) and Project Six19. The Sexual Integrity Initiative, which is under the direction of CPYU President and Founder Dr. Walt Mueller, was launched in part from a grant from the associates of DAS based in Palmyra, PA.

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CPYU provides information, analysis and resources to parents, youth workers, pastors and anyone else who longs to love and lead children and teens in today’s rapidly changing cultural context. Our goal is to equip cross-cultural missionaries to the emerging generations. Visit CPYU’s website to learn more.

Project Six19 exists to promote biblical sexuality through culturally relevant education and initiatives. We go beyond a discussion on abstinence or sexual purity and get to the heart of what God really desires for our future – to be sexually whole. Visit Project Six19’s website to learn more.

The Need

Our children and teens are growing up in a sex-saturated world. Youth are being exposed to 24/7 messages about sex and sexuality at younger and younger ages. These messages trumpet and promote a distorted view of sexuality that encourages young people to indulge their sexuality without borders or boundaries. They are taught that when it comes to sex, you can “go ahead and do whatever, wherever, whenever, however, and with whomever.”

Contrary to the misconceptions many have about the Bible, God made sex and declared it “good.” Sadly, our culture has taken this good gift of God and distorted it in ways that drain it of its goodness. Rather than seeing sex as a divine gift to be shared by one man and one woman within the context of a faithful covenant marriage, sex is now seen and lived as a selfish, self-serving, anything-goes proposition that is about nothing more than indulging and satisfying one’s personal sexual appetites.

As parents, youth workers, and others who care about and love kids, we are increasingly confused and ill-prepared to provide instruction and guidance on God-honoring sexuality. In addition, we struggle to provide answers to the growing number of questions children and adolescents are asking about sex and sexuality. Because of this, our ability to influence, guide and direct teens to biblically-informed sexual-sanity in this sex-saturated world may be forfeited.

The Response

The Sexual Integrity Initiative addresses the way we understand and talk about healthy biblical sexuality with children, teens, and young adults. The Sexual Integrity Initiative is about teaching young people that our sexuality and the way we engage it has a tremendous influence on our present, our futures, and the way we live our lives.

We believe that we must act on our God-given responsibility to speak sexual truth into our culture, especially to our impressionable young people by working with parents and church leadership to address these issues. The Sexual Integrity Initiative is not an effort to communicate a list of restrictions and “don’ts.” Rather, it is an effort to  help parents, youth workers, and others proclaim true sexual freedom by explaining the full and wonderful breadth of what it means to experience and indulge one’s sexuality within the parameters of God’s grand design as the Creator of sex and sexuality!