Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real With God About Sex

Freeman, John. Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real With God About Sex. New Growth Press, 2014.

In today’s world, men struggle to understand the purpose, place, and practice of sex in their lives. Cultural messages have combined with personal brokenness to lead a growing number of men – Christian and non-Christian alike –  into engaging in and becoming enslaved to all kinds of sexual brokenness (lust, pornography, adultery, etc). In this book, John Freeman, the President of Harvest USA, helps men understand the never –ending cycle of defeat and shame that hinders men from being the husbands, fathers, and friends God has made them to be. Freeman takes readers intoon a journey to discover how the Gospel and God’s love speaks to these hidden areas of life in ways that bring the true freedom that men desire. This a powerful book that all men, husbands, and fathers should read. It would serve as a great text for a men’s small group.

Available in the CPYU Resource Center.

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