Love Into Light – The Gospel, The Homosexual, and The Church

Hubbard, Peter. Love Into Light – The Gospel, The Homosexual, and The Church. Ambassador International, 2013.

How can the church best address the myriad of issues related to homosexuality and sexual orientation that are embodied in the lives and stories of real people who fill our pews, seek our advice, and are part of our families? Written by a pastor, this book is a biblically-sound and pastorally-driven book that can serve as a guidebook for us as individuals and as the church. Hubbard has found that sweet spot where grace and truth come together in a way that we believe brings great honor and glory to God. Hubbard writes, “Partial truths, no matter how beautiful they sound, act as a poison to the Christian community. The freedom of grace, for example, is cancerous if it does not generate purity. And the call to holiness is malignant if it is not embedded in God’s empowering love.” This is a must-have resource for all pastors, youth workers, and church leaders.

Available in the CPYU Resource Center.

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