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Jun 27

How to Stay Sexually Pure In Marriage

By Kurt Bubna Dale (not his real name) was in my office, and through sobs of despair and shame, he said, “I don’t know what happened or why, but I cheated on my wife, and now she’s found out and is leaving me.” I wish I could tell you confessions like that are rare. They’re […]

May 17

Sexual Integrity Messages Must Improve as Marriage Age Increases

By Jason Soucinek  I didn’t marry until I was 34. To some this seems old. Others think this is the perfect age to marry. Either way, I am not alone in the trend of marrying later in life. For the last several years the age at which people get married is getting older, andfewer individuals are […]

May 3

The Fluidity of Identity in Today’s World. . . A Thought-Provoking Video. . .

A friend sent me a link to this video yesterday. I understand it’s been around for a few days so my apologies for getting to it perhaps a little late. I found it incredibly enlightening and incredibly disturbing at the same time. This is who we are. That’s enlightening. And, this is who we are. […]