3 Porn Sites Get More U.S. Web Traffic Than Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, eBay and Netflix

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A Shocking Number Of Young Women Are In Abusive Relationships – But Many Don’t Know The Signs

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LGBTQ Teens Feel Unsafe And Unwelcome, Despite Growing Support For Rights

They still report depression and anxiety at high levels as they say their schools and families aren’t willing or able to meet their needs. Read the article here.

Live Streaming Apps Put Young Teens At Risk For Sex Predators, Advocates Warn

The rise in popularity of livestreaming apps is putting young teens and pre-teens at growing risk of becoming victims of sex predators and distributors of child porn, advocates say. Read the article here.

‘Cricketing’ is The Text Habit Breaking Up Relationships

If you’ve heard your kids talking about being “cricketed,” this is what they’re referring to. Read the full article here.

Sexting, Sexual Harassment and Scorecard Scripts: How Media Teaches Teens About Relationships When Parents Stay Silent

Even if young adults don’t agree with the idea that men who “score” with lots of women are more popular, they still know about it and are shaped by it. Read the full article here.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a serious problem, both in North America and all around the world. Read the blog post from Jim Burns of HomeWord here.

Feeling Lonely? How to Stop Social Media From Making You So Lonely

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4 Ways To Keep Social Media From Damaging Your Body Image

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Yes Means Yes: New Apps Formalize Sexual Consent

In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, young people have more concerns over sexual consent than ever. New apps aim to quell some of those concerns by recording consent from each party before they engage in intimate activity. Read the article here.

I Was Sold On The Story Of Jane Doe

Backpage has been shut down in a collaborative effort between the FBI and other government agencies. However, to give this victory meaning we need to understand how child sex trafficking impacts all of us. Read the article here.

Penn State Homecoming Court Eliminates Gendered Titles Of ‘King’ And ‘Queen’

Though in past years the top two student court members were acknowledged as “King and Queen,” Homecoming plans to instead recognize these two members with the “Guide State Forward Award.” Read the article here.

First Things First: Teens Also Need To Hear The Sext Talk From Parents

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How To Confront Children Using Pornography

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What You Should Tell Your Kids About Dating Violence

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Walmart To Remove ‘Cosmopolitan’ From Checkout Lines

The news was shared Tuesday via a press release from National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), an organization that says it helped instigate the policy change. Read the article here.

Sorry New York Times, Sexting Is NOT Normal For Teens, And Should Not Be Celebrated

A recent column in the New York Times by Dr. Perri Klass gives the impression that sexting is a rather normal, even healthy aspect of teenage sexuality. Read a rebuttal here.

4 Steps To Overcoming Porn Addiction

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6 Tips For Helping Girls Develop Healthy Body Image

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Deepfakes: A Newer, Scarier Genre of Porn

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