Scholars’ New Book Questions Transgender Ideology

A new book from a group of academics offers a “dramatic intervention” into the prevailing narrative surrounding transgenderism. Read the article here.

Gender-Fluid Fashion Lines Proliferate

Cassandra Daily reports on the trend of fashion lines allowing shoppers to choose clothing without needing to conform to a specific gender. Read the trend report here.

Six Dangers To Teach Your Kids About Porn

Two forces are at work to make avoiding porn next to impossible. Read the full article from Harvest USA here.

Teens Exchange Nude Selfies; Now, One Must Register As A Sex Offender

Colorado’s Supreme Court upheld a ruling last week that required a juvenile boy to register as a sex offender after sexting and trading erotic pictures with two girls roughly his age, a split decision that highlights states’ recent struggles with applying laws passed in a less tech-heavy age. Read the article here.

Study Finds Sexting May Be A Healthy Part Of Growing Up?!?

University of Texas Medical Branch researchers say that when older teens are sexting – sharing sexually explicit pictures and videos over mobile phones – it may simply be a healthy part of growing up. Read the full article here.

The Jonas Brothers, “The Bachelor,” and Our Culture’s Rejection of Sexual Purity

Christianity Today talks about the Jonas Brothers, our culture’s current rejection of any kind of sexual purity, and some of the possible reasons why this is happening. Read the full article here.

For American Teens, Identity Is On A Spectrum

American teens have heard the mantra “be yourself” since birth, and they have their predecessors to thank for paving the way. Read the article here.

Internet Safety: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe

Spectrum news provides a comprehensive list of things parents should be aware of in regards to internet safety. Read the full article here.

5 Apps to Help Curb Your Kid’s Social Media Addiction

Renee Johnson shares 5 apps that are designed to limit overuse on social media. Read the full article here.

#YouTubeWakeUp: What You Need To Know About The Child Exploitation Crisis On YouTube

Fight the New Drug shares an eye-opening article, highlighting the problem of Child Exploitation on Youtube. Read the full article here.

Christians, Let’s All Stop Doing These 15 Things On Social Media

Relevant Magazine encourages Christians to stop doing a list of things on Social Media. The list could be a helpful conversation starter with your kids or students in regards to their habits online. Read the full article here.

From Deepfake To “Cheap Fake,” It’s Getting Harder Than Ever To Tell What’s True On Your Favorite Apps And Websites

CBS News shares more information about the disturbing “deep fakes” trend, and highlights some of the possible ways it can affect our society. Read the full article here.

Teen Vogue Encourages Children To Explore Prostitution As A Career

On April 26, Teen Vogue posted an article titled “Why Sex Work is Real Work” by Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng. Read a response to that article and access the original here.

Youth Sexting Tied To Sexual Behavior, Mental Health Risks

But whether there’s a causal link, and in which direction, remains uncertain. Read the article here.

Boomerang Nude GIFs Are The Latest Sexting Trend

People are sending Boomeranged solicited nudes to one another. Read the article here.

What Age Should Parents Teach Their Children Healthy Sexuality?

Jim Burns of HomeWord provides some helpful suggestions to parents. Read his blog post here.

Chest Binding Helps Smooth the Way For Transgender Teens, But There May Be Risks

People who use binders report symptoms like back and chest pain, overheating and shortness of breath. Read the article here.

10 Secret Text Codes Teen Use

Parentology shares 10 secret text codes that parents must be aware of. Read the full article here.

Check Your Kid’s Phone For This Dangerous App

“Yellow” is a popular dating app that allows individuals to meet up with other snapchat friends in their area, but the age verification process isn’t very strict… allowing for older users to meet with kids. Read the full article here.

Pornhub Wants to Buy Tumblr So They Can Bring Porn Back to the Platform

Tumblr saw a massive drop in traffic when it banned adult content last year, and now Verizon—who owns Tumblr—is reportedly trying to sell it, according to a Wall Street Journal story. Read the full article here.