10 Ways Porn Culture Will Target Your Kids in 2020 (Be Prepared, Not Scared!)

Protect Young Minds talks 10 ways porn culture will target your kids in 2020. Read the full article here.

Booty Shaking & Sexy Costumes In Children’s Dance

Right now, in children’s dance classes around the nation, young children are being taught to dance with choreography that hypersexualizes them and their bodies. Read the article here.

Teen Detransitioners Are Telling Their Stories On YouTube

Many young adults are turning to vlogging their detransition experiences and stories on YouTube. Read the article here.

French Bishop’s Council OKs Removing Gender IDs On Baptism Certificates

The French bishops’ permanent council has approved a recommendation to remove gender references for parents on baptismal certificates. Read the article here.

Helping the Kid Who Doesn’t Want Help

Protect Young Minds shares some practical ways to help your children fight pornography when they don’t actually want to fight pornography. Read the full article here.

The Beauty Myth for Boys

The New York Times talks beauty standards, and how one of the biggest myths about the “beauty myth” is that it’s female. Adolescent boys suffer from unrealistic beauty standards, too. Read the full article here.

Tinder Year Ender: How Gen Z Changed Dating In 2019

Are your teens dating age and on Tinder? This article shares the ways that Gen Z used dating apps in 2019, and could give you a look into their world. Read the full article here.

10 Ways Porn Culture Will Target Your Kids In 2020 (Be Prepared, Not Scared!)

Here are TEN things to look out for this year as you raise kids in a hypersexualized porn culture AND what you can do about it! Read the article from Protect Young Minds here.

If Smoking And Rape Scenes On Netflix Are Harmful, How Much More So Is Violent Porn?

Fight The New Drug talks pornography and how the research compares to that regarding smoking, violence, and rape scenes on TV. Read the full article here.

Marvel Universe To Introduce First Transgender Character

Blockbuster superhero movie powerhouse Marvel has revealed that the Universe’s first transgender character will appear in an upcoming film. Read the article here.

What Is Online Porn Teaching Our Children?

Decades of research document myriad harms of pornography, hardly justifying a laissez faire attitude toward adolescent exposure to sexually explicit material. Read the article here.

How Social Media Is Transforming Teens’ Ideas About Sex May Surprise You

This the first in a series that looks at how social media has changed the way teens learn about, and engage in, sex. Read the article here.

Dangers Of Second-Hand Drinking: Teen Drinkers At High Risk Of Assault And Sexual Harassment

More than 70 percent of teenage girls who are risky drinkers report unwanted sexual attention from other drinkers. Read the article here.

Adolescence In The Age Of Internet Porn

The role of loneliness and attachment style in teen porn use. Read the article here.

What 10 Parents Learned When Their Child Was Caught In A Porn Trap

10 parents give their unique perspective on helping a child overcome the addictive pull of pornography. Read the article here.

When 6th Graders Can Access Rape Porn On Their Smartphones, School Becomes Toxic

No 11-year-old should have to deal with, or even know, about things like this. Read the article here.

Study: Most Millennials Believe Gender Exists On A Spectrum

52% of millennials now believe that gender exists on a spectrum, according to a new report from Forrester. Read the article here.

Instagram Just Took Its Divisive ‘Hidden Likes’ Experiment Global

Instagram is removing the visibility of other peoples “likes” on the platform. Read the full article here.

Trans Teen Regrets His Transition

Less than a year after having gender surgery, Nathaniel now says, “This whole thing was a bad idea. I am 19 years old, and I feel as though I have ruined my life.” Read the story here.

More People Think It’s Fine for Unwed Couples to Live Together. Here’s Why Many Still Think Marriage Is Better.

Time magazine shares a fascinating look into our culture’s current views regarding cohabitation and marriage. Read the full article here.