Sexual Predators Are Grooming Young Teens On Wattpad, A Storytelling App Beloved By Gen Z

A Forbes investigation found that Wattpad was a place where sexual predators target and exploit vulnerable teens, in some cases leading to sex trafficking and assault. Read the article here.

Teen Interest In Long-Lasting Birth Control Soars After Roe

Appointments have surged and Planned Parenthood has been flooded with questions as doctors report demand even among teens who aren’t sexually active. Read the article here.

How To Fix America’s Child-Pornography Crisis

The country could do much more to control this scourge, and it could do so without violating the First Amendment. Read the article here.

Teens Increasingly Treated In ER For Sex-Strangulation Injuries

An emergency department nurse for the UVM Medical Center is raising awareness about bodily and sexual consent, especially when it comes to strangulation. Read the article here.

American Academy Of Pediatrics Accused Of Pushing Teens Toward ‘Nuclear Option’ Puberty Blockers, Surgeries

The American Academy of Pediatrics is being accused of promoting over the counter puberty blockers on transgender youth and ditching a non-drug therapy approach. Read the article here.

Child Sex Trafficking – The Most Dangerous Myth And 3 Ways To Keep Your Kid Safe

Defend Young Minds helps bring us up to speed on a dangerous myth regarding sex trafficking. Read the full article here.

Marvel To Introduce Gay Spider-Man With A ‘Fearlessly Femme Identity’

Marvel Comics will introduce a variant character of a gay Spider-Man with a “fearlessly femme” identity. Read the article here.

How Porn Corrupts The Brain’s Reward System: Neurosurgeon Explains

Defend Young Minds interviews Dr. Donald Hilton. Read or watch the interview here.

1 In 5 Parents Say They’ll Never Have ‘The Talk’ With Their Kids

According to a recent study, six in 10 American parents say they were raised to think sex was “taboo.” Read the article here.

Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones, And Youth Suicide

Lowering legal barriers to make it easier for minors to undergo cross-sex medical interventions without parental consent does not reduce suicide rates—in fact, it likely leads to higher rates of suicide among young people in states that adopt these changes. Read the article here.

Schools’ New Misgendering Rules Will Create Compliant, Fearful Children Perfect For Totalitarianism

The Fairfax County School Board recently approved a policy expanding punishment for students who misgender classmates. Read the article here.

3 Things I’ll Teach My Kid About Porn: Former Addicted Dad Speaks Up

A guest blog post on Defend Young Minds. Read the article here.

The Teens Slipping Through The Cracks On Dating Apps

Although these platforms say they are doing what they can to keep kids under 18 off, they aren’t succeeding. Read the article here.

Porn On An Apple Watch?! How Clever Kids Find It And How You Can Block It

Since most parents don’t know that porn can be accessed this way, they aren’t checking for (or blocking) porn on an Apple Watch. Read the article here.

‘Female Friendly’ Porn – What It Is And Why It’s Still Harmful

At it’s foundation, pornography is harmful. No matter the content or genre, it will always lead to a host of difficult problems. Read the article here.

How Prevalent Is Pornography?

Most young adults say they have watched pornography at some point in their lives. Read the article here.

Remaining Faithful When Others Embrace LGBTQ+ Theology

How do we walk through this minefield, pursue humility in our own hearts, and yet remain firm in God’s Word? Read the article here.

DC And Marvel Unveil LGBTQ+ Projects And Variant Covers Ahead Of Pride Month

As June approaches, DC Comics and Marvel are both looking to celebrate Pride Month for 2022 through their own superheroes, and the two entertainment companies have now offered a preview of what’s to come. Read the article here.

Kids Hurting Kids! 3 Ways Parents Can Reduce The Risk Of Child-On-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior

A 3-year study showed that kids (ages 10-15) who had regularly consumed porn were nearly 6 times more likely to self-report sexually aggressive behavior. Read the article here.

FBI Pittsburgh Warns About Recent Surge In Sexual Extortion Cases Targeting Teen Boys

Investigators say that predators are seeking out teenage boys online and posing as girls their age. Read the article here.