6 Tips For Helping Girls Develop Healthy Body Image

DR. Nasreen Khatrir shares 6 tips for helping your girls develop healthy body image. Read the full article here.

Deepfakes: A Newer, Scarier Genre of Porn

A new genre of porn, Deepfakes, is growing in popularity… and it’s scary. Read the full article here.

Rhode Island Could Ban Free Internet Porn Across The State

State legislators in Rhode Island proposed a new bill last week that would require those who wanted to view internet porn to pay a fee before accessing the explicit content, even if the content is available for free otherwise. Read the full article here.

HIV, Syphilis Cluster In Teens, Adults, Found In Milwaukee

New cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States reached an all-time high in 2016. Read the article here.

What Parents Need To Know About Sexting

Tips for talking with your child about sexting from JAMA Pediatrics. Read the article here.

Sexting Is Increasingly Common For Teens

The study’s authors warned that sexts, especially ones seen by people other than the intended recipient, could lead to harassment and cyberbullying — perhaps even sexual assault and suicide. Read the article here.

That Teen Sexting Study: What Else You Need To Know

A new teen sexting research review published in JAMA Pediatrics found that about one in four teens have received a “sext,” a text message with sexual content, and approximately one in seven have sent one. Read the article here.

Cyberbullying: Four Steps To Protect Your Kids

In a typical classroom of 25 to 30 students, eight to 10 children — a third of the class — have been cyberbullied at some point in their lifetime. About three or four students are likely to have bullied others online. Read the full article here.

Many Teens Take Great Care in Posting Online Content

A new study finds that many teens, particularly girls, may go to great lengths to create a favorable online image. Read the full article here.

Parents Need To Start Talking To Their Tweens About The Risks Of Porn

Today teenagers are viewing far more pornography than their parents realize. And the porn they’re watching is much more “hardcore” than moms and dads could possibly imagine. Read the article here.

American Airlines Agent Saves Teens From Suspected Human Trafficking Plot

Authorities are crediting a quick thinking airline employee for preventing two teenagers from becoming victims of human trafficking. Read the article here.

The Question We Don’t Want To Ask Our Teens

Teens are likely watching much more pornography than we think they are. Worse, it’s shaping, even distorting, how they believe sex should be. Read the article here.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) is a national effort to raise awareness about abuse with teens that are in young adult relationships, and to promote programs which aim to prevent it. Read the full article here.

More U.S. Teens Are Rejecting ‘Boy’ Or ‘Girl’ Gender Identities, A Study Finds

More teenagers are identifying themselves with nontraditional gender labels such as transgender or gender-fluid, according to a new study. Read the article here.

7 Things Your Seven-Year-Old Should Know About Love And Sex

We live in the age of information. We also live in a hyper-sexualized era. Put those two together and you quickly realize there are ideas filtering through our cultural climate that you wouldn’t expect a seven-year-old should know. Read the blog post from Protect Young Minds here.

Not Just Boy And Girl; More Teens Identify As Transgender

Far more U.S. teens than previously thought are transgender or identify themselves using other nontraditional gender terms, with many rejecting the idea that girl and boy are the only options, new research suggests. Read the article here.

Fifty Shades Of Abuse: 5 Lies Every Girl Needs To Recognize And Reject

Normalize the exploitation of women, rake in the money, and ignore the social consequence! It’s a pattern that’s been used by the porn industry since Playboy was first introduced. Read the entire article here.

Google Takes Down 60 Apps, Many Geared Toward Kids, Due To Porn Content

WSB-TV shares an inside look into issues with some kid’s apps, and gives tips regarding engaging in apps and maintaining safety for your kids. Read the full article here.

5 New Dating Trends To Be Aware Of

Parents, awareness is helpful when it comes to the dating world that the youth of today engage in. Business Insider shares five new dating terms to be aware of… read the full article here.

Dating Is Getting Even More Complicated – Here Are 5 More Terms You Need To Know In 2018

If you thought the world of ghosting, stashing, and sidebarring was bad, things are about to get worse. Read the article here.