New App Alerts Parents If Kids Are Sexting

A new app, Gallery Guardian, can help alert parents if their kids are sexting. Read the full article here.

Twitter Outlines How It Will Be Tougher On Banning Revenge Porn

Twitter recently announced it will be tougher on banning revenge porn on it’s platform. Read the full article here.

Ministering To Women In A #MeToo World

Amy Gannett from the Gospel Coalition shares the importance of acknowledging and responding to the #metoo posts on social media, and how we should serve victims in our churches and ministries. Read full article here.

People Downplay Abuse In Relationships Using This Simple Phrase

People often limit relationship abuse to the physical when they say “but he didn’t hit me.” In reality, dating abuse is manifested in many ways, not limited to the physical. Read full article here.

Parents’ Alcohol Problems May Up Risk Of Teen Dating Violence

A new study from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions in New York finds that having a parent with an alcohol use disorder increases the risk for dating violence among teenagers. Read the article here.

More Education Is Needed To Help Teens And Young Adults Stand Up To A New Epidemic: Digital Dating Abuse

Mary Kay’s annual ‘Truth About Abuse’ Survey reveals more than 80 percent of young people need more information to talk to friends about abuse. Read the article here.

The Rules Of Modern Dating

The Sun shares some of the most common dating rules in today’s complex and constantly changing dating world. Read the article here.

‘Submarining’ Is The Latest Dating Trend To Be Aware Of

Ghosting is the act of suddenly and unexpectedly ending all communication with someone the subject is dating, Submarining is reappearing with no notice and acting like nothing’s changed. Read full article here.

With ‘Me Too’ Social Media Posts, Women Seek to Show How Common Sexual Assault, Harassment Are

Over the last week, social media has been flooded with posts saying “me too” in regards sexual assault and harassment experience. Read the full article here for more info.

Should Sex Ed Teach Abstinence? Most Americans Say Yes

The role of sex education is as important as ever, but the debate among American adults about the right approach to sex education—particularly between teaching safe-sex vs. abstinence—has been ongoing. Read the article and research from The Barna Group here.

Pediatricians Speak Out On Health Risks Of Porn

A recent publication from the American College of Pediatricians outlines the risks of pornography on children. Read the article here.

Utah State Politician: ‘Cosmo’ Is Porn

A politician in Utah is aiming to tighten anti-pornography laws in his state. Read the article here.

‘No Science’ Behind Transgender Therapy For Kids, Doctors Warn

Children who struggle to match their gender identity with their biological sex should not be pushed into transgender therapies, but given treatments that help treat the underlying cause of the dysphoria, said doctors in the field.

Read the article here.

Pigging: The Cruel New Dating Trend You Need To Know About

The telegraph talks about the new dating trend, “pigging,” and warns people to look out for it. Read the full article here.

Misunderstanding A New Kind Of Gender Dysphoria

Lisa Marchiana, A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, discusses the trend of rapid onset gender dysphoria. Read the article here.

In Modern Mating, Sex Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Cheap

The Washington Post reviews Sociologist Mark Regnerus’s most recent book, Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy,” and talks about the changes happening in our culture in relation to sex. Read the full article here.

Thoughts On Hugh Hefner’s Death

Youth pastor and blogger Ethan Renoe shares some reflections on the death of the Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner. Read the full article here.

Fathers Warns Parents About Popular App After His 7-Year-Old Daughter Is Asked To Send Suggestive Photos

When Brad Summer’s 7-year-old daughter, Madison, was asked by a stranger to send nude pictures of herself through a popular music app, he knew he had to warn other parents about the dangers of social media. Read the article here.

Will I Rob My Child’s Innocence If I Start Talking About The Dangers Of Porn?

Have you ever agonized over how early to start talking to your young children about pornography? Read the article here.

Sexting At Age 5

Doctor James Emery White shares the challenges of a parenting in a culture where sexting is common in children as young as 5. Read the full article here.