Trans Teens Are Using TikTok To Raise Money For Their Surgery

After struggling on Instagram and other platforms, transgender people are using TikTok’s unique attributes to bypass waiting lists and raise money for expensive gender transition operations. Read the article here.

Fake Naked Photos Of Thousands Of Women Shared Online

Clothes are digitally removed from pictures of women by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and spread on the messaging app Telegram. Read the article here.

Parent Alert! Porn Spam on Your Kid’s Google Drive?! 3 Things You Need to Know Now

Protect Young Minds shares 3 things you need to know about porn spam appearing on your kid’s Google drive. Read the full article here.

The Shocking Tactics Sex Traffickers Use To Trap Your Kids And 5 Ways You Can Protect Them

A Protect Young Minds interview with Russ Tuttle of The Stop Trafficking Project. Read or watch the interview here.

Merriam-Webster And Other Reference Books Embrace Transgender Ideology

Last month, Merriam-Webster, which describes itself as “America’s leading and most-trusted provider of language information,” updated its definitions for the words “male” and “female” to include people of the opposite sex who identify as transgender. Read the article here.

Netflix Indicted In Texas Over ‘Lewd’ Depiction Of Children In ‘Cuties’

A grand jury indictment for promotion of lewd visual material depicting a child was filed on Sept. 23 over the French film. Read the full article here.

Protecting Women’s Sports

Boys who identify as girls are increasingly infiltrating girls athletic teams and taking titles and opportunities from female competitors. Read the article here.

How Purity Culture Rhetoric Can Cause Men To Devalue Women

Rachel Joy Welcher shares how purity culture rhetoric can cause men to devalue women on Read the full article here.

Erasing Womanhood

The transgender agenda increasingly seeks to erase biological womanhood—and mainstream media outlets seem ready to comply. Read the article here.

Instagram Safety Upgrade! Discover New Tool to Protect Youth

Instagram is making an effort to create a safer space for its users–especially for youth! Read the full article here.

‘The Social Dilemma’ and the Bigger Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is helpful in highlighting some of the fundamental ethical problems of social-media algorithms, Yet it fails to address the core problem. Sin nature. Read Jason Thacker’s full article on The Gospel Coalition here.

Condemning ‘Cuties’ Should Be Noncontroversial

Brett McCracken breaks down the issues in and surrounding the controversial film, “cuties.” Read the full article here.

How To Build Your Children’s Resilience To Porn

Author and speaker Gail Dines wants to help parents counter messages prevalent in pornography. Read the full article here.

Why A Generation Of Girls Is Fleeing Womanhood

Abigail Shrier’s new book is an outstanding investigative report on the diagnostic craze of rapid onset gender dysphoria that has swept over adolescent girls in the past decade. Read the article here.

4 Body Safety Rules To Protect Kids Ages 5-10

Teaching simple body safety rules and empowering kids to reject pornography are powerful ways to safeguard your family. Read the article here.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Get Your Kid a Smartphone

Common Sense Media shares 5 question to ask to make sure your child (and you!) are ready for them to enter the world of the smartphone. Read the full article here.

Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit

Neither “gender-affirming hormone treatment” nor “gender-affirming surgery” reduced the need of transgender-identifying people for mental health services. Read the article here.

How to Talk to Teens About Dealing with Online Predators

We might not want to think about our kids dealing with creepy people online. But for many parents, it’s the scariest thing about our kids’ digital lives. Common Sense Media shares how to talk to your teens about dealing with online predators. Read the full article here.

Why ‘WAP’ Matters

Commentary from Dr. Leonard Sax: “The record-smashing success of WAP is a warning to parents. You need to know what your kid is listening to. You need to have the courage to limit your kid’s exposure to the most noxious elements of American culture. You need to find a healthier, brighter, truer culture to share with your daughter or your son.”

Read the full article here.

Key Takeaways On America’s Views Of And Experiences With Dating And Relationships

The advent of dating apps and other new technologies – as well as the #MeToo movement – presents a new set of norms and expectations for American singles looking for casual or committed relationships, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. Read the article here.