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Oct 16

Porn Makes You Numb

You’ve been there. We all have. Regardless of which addiction has taken you as its prisoner, you’ve experienced the numbing agent it provides. My pastor in Chicago once said that if there is one thing which unites all of humanity, it’s addiction. In the words of Saint Peter (and Bob Dylan), we are all slaves […]

Oct 15

11 Signs You Need A Break From Social Media

There’s no denying that social media has a powerful role in our lives and personal relationships. It helps us stay connected, spread information, and share our stories with one another in a really unique way. But isn’t it safe to say that many times – instead of adding to our lives, it begins to take over? […]

Oct 14

5 Reasons Christian Singles Aren’t Dating

In the last post from #TheDatingScene blog series, I reported that over 53% of singles who took my survey reported that they have not been on one date in the past 6 months. You can read that entire article here. The majority of Christian Singles are NOT dating. At the end of that article, I […]