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Aug 6

Stop Trying To Get People To Like You

“They don’t want to be my friends.”   My 7-year-old daughter had just come home from her time at summer camp, and we were processing a situation that came up involving a couple girls that just didn’t want to be her friend. She had tried talking to them, complimenting them, sitting with them, and involving […]

Jun 29

Porn and Relationships: When Are Sexual Struggles a Deal Breaker?

“I just found out that my boyfriend struggles with regular porn use” “My girlfriend shared with me she’s struggling with compulsive masturbation” What do I do? The amount of questions I’ve received lately regarding the topic of sexual struggles and sexual integrity has been on the rise. Partly, because of how mainstream the pornography industry […]

May 28

Marry Someone Who Is: All Grown Up

Marry someone who is all grown up. Maybe this sounds like a no-brainer to you. I mean, when you think of marriage you automatically associate it with adulthood. But the reality is that so many people are getting into marriage even though they haven’t yet grown up. I’m not necessarily talking about age here, because […]