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Porn Activation Sequence

In this helpful video, Matt Fradd, Founder and Executive Director of The Porn Effect, explains practically and specifically how to fight the temptation to watch porn. The video, using excerpts from Dr Kevin Skinner’s book, “Treating Pornography Addiction,” can be a helpful tool in teaching youth and adults alike how to recognize the early signs of temptation, and to begin forming a good gameplan to fight pornography.



Taking Charge of The Internet: 3 Key Steps for Parents to Take

The 4 Ways Porn Warps the Male Brain


Why I Stopped Watching Porn – Ran Gavrieli

Porn #5

Porn #4

Porn #3

Porn #2

Porn #1

The Journey of a Same-Sex Attracted Pastor and Husband

“You Caught Your Kid Looking at Porn. What’s Your First Response?” from Harvest USA

You caught your kid looking at porn. What’s your first response? from Harvest USA on Vimeo.

Porn and Sex Ed

Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Teen Sexual Stats

Porn, Manhood and Worship

Teen Sexting

Episode 11: “A Conversation about Transgender Issues” with Chap Clark and Duffy Robbins

Walt and Jason forgo the normal youth culture news section to dive right into a conversation about transgender issues. Chap Clark of Fuller Theological Seminary and Duffy Robbins of Eastern University join the conversation to discuss what it looks like for The Church, and youth ministry in particular, to address issues related to gender and gender identity. What approach should we take when thinking about these topics? What do we do when we have a transgender student in our ministry? These questions and more are addressed throughout this podcast episode.



Teens, Adults and Porn

Episode 09: “Christian Sexual Ethics” with Dennis Hollinger

Dr. Dennis Hollinger joins the podcast to discuss Christian ethics and how they should shape our views, attitudes, and responses to many of the sexual issues our culture is facing today.