Pornography: A Heart-to-Heart With Kids

Presented by Walt Mueller.

Pornography is talking to and shaping your kids. Are you talking to your kids about pornography? If not, you should be. And when you do talk to them, what should you say and how should you say it? In this 60 to 90 minute student session, CPYU’s Walt Mueller talks frankly and honestly about pornography with high school students. Walt walks students into an understanding of God’s big “YES!” for their sexuality (it is good!), while helping them understand how fallen and broken expressions of sexuality can harm both them and others in the present and future. He offers guidelines and practical strategies for dealing with pornography in one’s life. Walt’s approach in this session is to take a heart-to-heart talk approach, respecting students and speaking adult-to-adult without talking down or at kids. This session serves as a catalyst for continued deep conversations in the home and church setting on this timely and difficult subject.

Pornography: A Heart-to-Heart With Kids can be presented to students in a variety of settings, including youth group events, youth conferences, chapel services, Christian school assemblies, and more.

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