Teens Tell All: Candid Talks About Experience With Drugs, Sexting, and Hooking Up

NBC’s Stephanie Gosk sits down with eight Colorado teenagers for a raw, unfiltered conversation about their experiences with drugs, sexting, and hooking up in high school.




Episode 25: “Sexuality and More” with Dale Kuehne

What is our culture telling us about sex and sexuality? Is the culture pointing us and our kids to a kind of sexual flourishing that reflects God’s will and way for our sexuality? And what does it mean to have a biblical understanding of sexuality? In this episode, we’re talking to college professor and author Dale Kuehne about his book “Sex and the iWorld,” the current sexual mood on campus, how to have conversations with students about sexuality and a whole lot more.

Walt and Jason open the podcast with a discussion about holidays, porn and sex ed, college loan money and spending, TIME’s most influential teens, CoverGirl’s cover boy, shoplifting and the phenomenon of drunkorexia.


Truth About Porn: Dr. John Foubert Interview

Truth About Porn, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness on the damaging effects of porn, interviews Doctor John Foubert about his findings in his research on pornography.

Episode 23: “Navigating Puberty” with Crystal Kirgiss

Puberty. Adolescence. Sadly, those are words that sometimes strike fear in the heart of parents. But should it be that way? Taking the time to understand the realities of puberty and adolescence in today’s world goes a long way in preparing us to parent, lead, and minister to teenagers in today’s rapidly changing world. We talk with our friend Crystal Kirgiss about puberty, adolescence, and a whole lot more on this episode of Youth Culture Matters. Our opening segment takes a look at trends and news in the world of youth culture including the physical activity of adolescents, a 9-year-old who graduated high school, social media and the teen brain, an after-school Satan club, talking with your kids about drugs and alcohol and bottle flipping.



Generation Sext

Courier Mail, an Australian Journalism company, interviewed teens about sexting and the effect it has had on their lives. Watch the video here.

Sexting Prevention

Elizabeth Smart Speaks About Pornography’s Role In Her Abduction

Kidnapping and rape victim Elizabeth Smart speaks for the first time about pornography’s role in her abduction.

KnowNo Project

Porn Activation Sequence

In this helpful video, Matt Fradd, Founder and Executive Director of The Porn Effect, explains practically and specifically how to fight the temptation to watch porn. The video, using excerpts from Dr Kevin Skinner’s book, “Treating Pornography Addiction,” can be a helpful tool in teaching youth and adults alike how to recognize the early signs of temptation, and to begin forming a good gameplan to fight pornography.



Taking Charge of The Internet: 3 Key Steps for Parents to Take

The 4 Ways Porn Warps the Male Brain


Why I Stopped Watching Porn – Ran Gavrieli

Porn #5

Porn #4

Porn #3

Porn #2

Porn #1

The Journey of a Same-Sex Attracted Pastor and Husband

“You Caught Your Kid Looking at Porn. What’s Your First Response?” from Harvest USA

You caught your kid looking at porn. What’s your first response? from Harvest USA on Vimeo.

Porn and Sex Ed