Facing Pornography

Neurosurgeon Dr. Donald Hilton Reveals Shocking Scientific Truths About Porn

In a video from Truth About Porn, Fight The New Drug shares an interview with Neurosurgeon Dr Donald Hilton about scientific observations about porn use. Read the article here.

What Teens Wish Parents Knew About Constant Social Media Pressure

ABC News shares a conversation with teens telling parents what they wish they understood about the constant pressure that comes with social media use. Visit link below to see video:

How To Talk To Your Children About Sex

In this roundtable discussion, The Gospel Coalition shares some helpful conversation around talking to your children about sex. Watch as Jen Wilkin, Jason Cooke, and Sam Alberry discuss healthy ways to start these conversations.


How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

Truth About Porn: Dr. William Struthers

Doctor William Struthers (author of Wired For Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks The Male Brain) talks about the elasticity of our brains, and how important this is in recovery from porn addiction.


Gender Dysphoria and Parents

Hefner and Sexual Freedom


Pornography Isn’t Your Problem

Pastor and speaker Jason Mahr shares a breakup letter to his addiction to pornography and talks about it’s damaging effects on the individual.


Episode 18: “An Honest Discussion about Pornography” with Walt Mueller and Jason Soucinek

Walt and Jason discuss the latest in youth culture including stories about parental shaming on social media, Pokemon Go, texting while driving, Elizabeth Smart, magazine covers and more. For the 2nd and 3rd segments of this podcast, Walt and Jason discuss the devastating effects of pornography and what it does to our brains, our relationships, and even our marriages. They close by looking at both preventive and redemptive steps we can take in dealing with issues related to pornography, both in the lives of our students, as well as our own lives.



Is Oral Sex Sex

Virginity and Teen Problems

Episode 34: “Transgenderism and Gender Bending” with Ellen Dykas and Dan Wilson

It’s as if the landscape of our culture has changed overnight. The issue of transgenderism has moved front and center in our culture, our school, our churches, our youth groups, and in many of our homes. It’s safe to say that this new gender landscape is one that we must understand, respond to and navigate. But as parents, how can we do so? What names do we use when addressing transgendered kids? And how do we handle the complex web of logistical issues including bathrooms and sleeping arrangements? We’ll start the difficult process of tackling these questions and more, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters as we invite Ellen Dykas and Dan Wilson of Harvest USA to join the conversation.


Porn and Sex Ed

Porn, Manhood and Worship

TEDx Talk: The Porn Paradox

Speaker Megan Johnson talks about the connections between pornography and sex-trafficking in a new TEDx talk.


*Some graphic descriptions included

Talking About Sex


Online Bullying

Virginity and Teen Problems