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News Site “Fusion” Introduces Series on Virginity Pledges

Fusion has started a series called “The Pledge” featuring essays written by young people who took a virginity pledges. The series highlights the different journeys and perspectives of these people as they grew up with this pledge.

Read the essays here.

The Sex Lives of College Students: Heirs To The Sexual Revolution

Feminists and frat boys, asexuals, groupies, and that quiet kid who sits in the front row. A weeklong survey of what it means to be young and in lust (or asexual or aromantic) in 2015.

Read the full story here.

Why Aren’t Millennials Having Sex Anymore?

The number of college students claiming they’ve never had sex is nearly 40 percent. Only five years ago, a 25-year, “exhaustive” study found that college students who say they’re virgins made up only 13 percent. What has changed? Read the take from Relevant Magazine here.

More Than Single: Finding Purpose Beyond Porn

This free E-book offered by Covenant Eyes aism to help you learn how to fight porn temptations and find fulfillment as a single.

Get access to the free E-book by clicking here.

Celibate Gay Christian Leader Urges Faithful to “Normalize” Committed Friendships

Jonathan Merritt interviews Wesley Hill about his upcoming book “Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian.”

Read the full interview here.

Young, Attractive, and Totally Not Into Having Sex

Wired Magazine takes a look at new sexual and gender identities that have made their way onto the Internet, college campuses, and beyond. Read the article here.