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New Endorsements For College Athletes Resurface An Old Concern: Sex Sells

Female college athletes are making millions thanks to their large social media followings. But some who have fought for equity in women’s sports worry that their brand building is regressive. Read the article here.

Young Women Often Face Sexual Harassment Online – Including On Dating Sites And Apps

Online dating has grown in popularity, but many young women report experiencing some form of harassment on these platforms, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. Read the article here.

Young Life Voted Off Campus At Duke

While the college ministry continues to operate without recognition, another university officially objects to its sexuality policy. Read the article here.

Over 1/3 Of Millennials In Relationships Spy On Partners’ Digital Correspondence

Devices—and their contents—are a new path to breakups. Read the report here.

Can Josh Harris Kiss His Book Goodbye?

Twenty years after his dating bestseller, he reconsiders its controversial arguments.

Read the article and listen to the podcast from Christianity Today here.

Young Americans Are Killing Marriage

Millennials are lagging behind on the traditional markers of adulthood.

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Condoms May Increase Teen Pregnancy

A recent study shows that access to condoms in schools increases teenage fertility by ten percent. Read the full article here.

Websites Connect College Students With ‘Sugar Daddies’ Willing To Pay The Bills

Some students say it allows them to get education without the crushing debt, critics say the arrangements smack of prostitution and could be unsafe, others argue that it takes advantage of women in vulnerable situations.

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Utah Declares Porn a Public Health Crisis

Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution declaring porn a public health crisis, calling for education and policy changes to stop pornography exposure and addiction.

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Dating Violence: Peer Education Offers Strong Dose of Prevention

When it comes to preventing dating violence, peer to peer relations greatly enhance the process. When teens or young adults act as educators and resources for their peers, the conversation is set on a level playing field rather than a top down approach.

Read the article here.

Women Are Choosing Virtual Boyfriends Over Real Ones

Young adult women, particularly in parts of Asia, are frequently choosing romantic relationship apps that simulate a relationship over real life ones, saying men in real life don’t meet their romantic expectations.

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Millennial Math

The infographics throughout this article highlight generational differences in areas of marriage, college, and finances.

Read the article here.

#ThatsNotLove Campaign Helps Teens Spot Signs of Relationship Abuse

The One Love Foundation, started by the parents of a college student who was beaten to death by her boyfriend, are on a mission to help teens and young adults know the signs of an abusive relationship.

Read the article here.

The American State of Teenage Sex in Three Charts

As President Obama cuts federal funding to abstinence-only programs, STDs remain common for young adults while the teen pregnancy rate drops.

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The Porn Phenomenon

The researchers at Barna just launched a massive research project examining teenagers, young adults, and Americans in general as well as pastors and youth pastors – more than 3,000 interviews in total across a range of questions. View some of the top-level findings by clicking here.

Giving Chastity a Chance in the College Hookup Culture

Despite what most college students think, over 25% of college students are not participating in the hook up culture.

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Campus Sex…With a Syllabus

Education about consent is in high demand on college campuses, particularly because men and women are still confused as to its definition.

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News Site “Fusion” Introduces Series on Virginity Pledges

Fusion has started a series called “The Pledge” featuring essays written by young people who took a virginity pledges. The series highlights the different journeys and perspectives of these people as they grew up with this pledge.

Read the essays here.

30 College Students on Dating and Hooking Up in College

Teen Vogue interviewed several college students about their take on the hook up culture, relationships, and what it means to explore their sexuality in college.

Read the article here.

Buzzfeed Asks Millenials if They Would Watch Porn With Their Partner

The answer may surprise you.

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