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Mr. Potato Head Brand Goes Gender Neutral

Hasbro is dropping the Mr. from the Mr. Potato Head brand name and logo “to promote gender equality and inclusion,’’ the company said. Read the article here.

Genderless Retail

From store layouts to online shopping categories, the gender-free treatment is hitting mainstream retail. Read the article here.

PSA: Scrunchies Are The Tween Version Of The ‘Bachelorette’ Rose

Not only are the “retro” hair ties back in style, but girls are giving them to guys they think are cute, and they’re turning up in household dryers all over the land. Read the article here.

It’s Possible Leggings Are The Future…

Last week they set off a firestorm at the University of Notre Dame. Why does this item of clothing get people so riled up? Read the article here.

Yes, Teens Are Texting and Using Social Media Instead Of Reading Books

The Washington Post shares research on social media and texting instead of reading books. Read the full article here.

The Trends Redefining Romance Today

Modern day romance is a fluid beast, and the expectations and demands of a rapidly changing culture have transformed the landscape of love. To examine those shifts, this article draws from a number of Barna studies and demographic data, including many from Barna Trends, and takes a peek at the changing dynamics of marriage and singleness, the trends toward premarital cohabitation, the impact of online dating and the possibilities of finding love at work.

Read the research from Barna here.

Pokemon Go Is Officially More Popular Than Internet Porn

According to Google Trends, search results for Pokémon GO have surpassed that of porn searches.

Read the full article here.

Porn as Sex Ed: Pornographic Content Warping Teens’ Views on Sexuality

Research suggests that an increased exposure to pornography at an early age influences how teens today view their own bodies, leading to body shame, negative body image, body perfectionism and the desire to change what they can.

Read the article here.

Merriam-Webster Adds “Genderqueer” and Other Terms to Dictionary

In a conversation with The Atlantic, lexicographer Peter Sokolowski explains what makes words “real” and why “genderqueer” and other sexuality terms was added to the dictionary this year.

Read the article here.

Women Are Choosing Virtual Boyfriends Over Real Ones

Young adult women, particularly in parts of Asia, are frequently choosing romantic relationship apps that simulate a relationship over real life ones, saying men in real life don’t meet their romantic expectations.

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The Meaning of Sex

What is the meaning of sex? The answer lies somewhere in the way we integrate the biological imperatives with the emotional and experiential realities.

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The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015

Time names the 30 teens who have most influenced our culture in 2015.

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Studies Show Teens Having Less Sex Than Previous Generations

The overall rate of teens having sex has steadily decreased from 1988, and the Centers for Disease Control is attributing it to a teaching method based on abstinence and contraceptives.

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Brands And Governments Embrace Gender Neutrality

Brands and policy makers are beginning to abandon the longstanding polarities that maintained gender-based attitudes. Read the article here.

To Lure Back Young Shoppers, Abercrombie Puts on a Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch has decided to remove “sexualized” images from ads and shopping bags.

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