Research | Topic: Relationships

Relationship Quality Tied to Good Health for Young Adults

A new study shows that high-quality relationships are associated with better physical and mental health for young people entering adulthood. Read the full article here.

New Research Shows Gene Common In Healthy Relationships

Researchers find that a gene affects social behavior, including one’s ability to form healthy and long-lasting relationships. Read the article here.

How U.S. Views of Sex Have Changed Since 2005

A new report from OkCupid finds that American daters are growing more traditional in some ways, and more open-minded in others.

Read the article and see the statistics here. 

Teens Wary of Social Media Romance – And Still Making Phone Calls

Despite what may seem to be the trend, teens still value the importance of communicating not only over social media, and are aware of the lack of privacy social media creates. Read the full article here.

How Has Social Media, Mobile Technology Affected Teens’ Dating Lives?

A brand new study from the Pew Research Center highlights the correlations between teen romantic relationships and social media. Read the article and get the full study here.

Grandparent Power: Bonds With Seniors Help Stabilize Teens

Research published in the Wall Street Journal highlights how strong relationships within three-generational families benefits teens. Read the article here.

Young adults putting off marriage, treating it as capstone to other achievements

A recent study by Brigham Young University and Ball State University suggests that young adults still view marriage as an important life goal. Read the article here.