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Queering Science

From the article: “Any study that comes to conclusions or even raises evidence contrary to the taboos that have formed in recent years is taken hostage—first by pseudonymous strangers at keyboards; then by the opportunistic faculty who jump on the bandwagon displaying a methodological purism heretofore unknown in sexual science; and then by the universities themselves, whose interest has shifted from the pursuit of truth to the pursuit of virtue (signaling).” Read the rest of the article here.

This Is The Average Age Teens Are Losing Their Virginity

The study found that the average age of virginity loss is 17.4, whereas the average age of sexual awakening (“a sudden realization of sexual feelings and urges”) is 15.2. Read the article here.

Researchers Find Genes for Early Sex

In a knew study, researchers in Britain find a link between genetics and age of first sexual activity.

Read the article here.

How U.S. Views of Sex Have Changed Since 2005

A new report from OkCupid finds that American daters are growing more traditional in some ways, and more open-minded in others.

Read the article and see the statistics here.