NYC School Encourages Kids To Stop Using Words Like ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’ In “Inclusive Language’ Guide

A Manhattan private school aiming to use more “inclusive language” is encouraging its students to stop using the terms “mom,” “dad” and “parents” because the words make “assumptions” about kids’ home lives. Read the article here.

Teens’ Sex Lives Are At The Center Of The New HBO Max Series ‘Genera+ion’

Teens in ‘Genera+ion’ swear, drink and have sex. So do many real high schoolers, despite what some parents think. Read the article here.

The Trouble With Boys: What Lies Behind The Flood Of Teenage Sexual Assault Stories?

Young women are being failed by a society that seems unable – or unwilling – to address rape culture and its grave consequences. Read the article here.

An AI Is Training Counselors To Deal With LGBT Teens In Crisis

The Trevor Project, America’s hotline for LGBT youth, is turning to a GPT-2-powered chatbot to help troubled teenagers. Read the article here.

Mr. Potato Head Brand Goes Gender Neutral

Hasbro is dropping the Mr. from the Mr. Potato Head brand name and logo “to promote gender equality and inclusion,’’ the company said. Read the article here.

Passports May Soon Include A New Option For Gender Identity

Activists are pushing President Biden to uphold a campaign promise to add the nonbinary designation “X” to federal IDs. Read the article here.

This “TikTok Meets Tinder” Dating App Wants To Help Gen Z Connect

As Gen Z enters the dating scene, this app wants to leave swiping right behind and use TikTok-esque short-form videos to connect young daters. Read the article here.

Sending Nudes: Starting The Convo Early – 3 Tips For Smart Parents

Kids are growing up in a world where sending nudes is the norm. Read the article here.

Sending Nudes: Starting the Convo Early–3 Tips for Smart Parents

Mandy Majors from Protect Young Minds shares some tips on beginning the difficult talk about sexting with your children. Read the full article here.

Watch Out For The Signs Of Teen Dating Violence

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, or TDVAM… learn more about the signs of dating violence and how to address them. Read the full article here.

Tips and Scripts for Managing Screen Time When School Is Online

Call your kids’ activities what they are — playtime, work time, friend time, family time, downtime — and help kids take responsibility for what they can do and when. Read the full article here on Common Sense Media.

Why I Dread My Teenage Daughters Following Me Into The Ugly World Of Modelling

Constant rejection, predatory photographers, and the lingering fear of sexual assault. CLARE BOYD, who became a model at 15, issues a stark warning. Read the article here.

One Million Moms Boycotts American Girl’s ‘Girl Of The Year’ Doll Over LGBT Storyline

The doll’s backstory includes her visiting the farm of her great aunts, who are in a same-sex marriage. Read the article here.

How Smartphones Can Help You Become Trans

Plume is a new medical service that allows people to go online and get whatever they want… including gender reassignment hormones and medical letters of support for reassignment surgery… all without actually seeing a doctor. Read the article here.

1 In 5 Americans Has An STD: CDC

According to 2018 data, one in five people in the United States probably carries a sexually transmitted infection, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Read the article here.

JoJo Siwa’s Coming-Out Showed How Gen Z Is Doing It Differently

The children’s entertainer announced she is queer in a way that feels different from the past. Read the article here.

How to Talk to Teens About Dealing with Online Predators

Check out this Common Sense Media script to kick off a conversation with your kids around dealing with online predators. Read the full article here.

Parents’ Ultimate Guide To TikTok

Is TikTok safe? How does it work? And can I do a duet with my kid? Everything you need to know about this popular musical singing and sharing app is covered in this ultimate guide from Common Sense Media. Read the full article here.

Thinking “Not My Child!” Won’t Protect Your Kids From Sex Trafficking: Here Are 3 Ways That Work

What we know from the data is that any child or teen is vulnerable, but there are specific factors that make someone even more vulnerable to being groomed and exploited. Read the article from Protect Young Minds here.

New Trend Making Teens Vulnerable To Human Trafficking

How a trend to gain social media followers is making teens vulnerable to trafficking. Read the article here.