PayPal, Kraft, And Unilever: Why These Big Companies Recently Stopped Working With Pornhub

In a continuing wave of public controversy for one of the world’s biggest free porn sites, a few huge consumer brands have announced that they will no longer advertise on Pornhub given recent reports about nonconsensual and exploitative content being posted to the platform. Read the full article here.

Revenge Porn Victims Have This Big Challenge To Overcome: Search Engine Results

Fight The New Drug talks about the repercussions of revenge porn in regards to google and other search engines. Read the full article here.

Instagram’s Plastic Surgery Filters Were Removed From The App

After announcing they were going to ban plastic surgery selfie filters last week, Instagram officially removed them from the app. Read the full article here.

Engaging In Sexual Intercourse In Early Adolescence Associated With An Increased Risk Of Attempting Suicide

Adolescents who engage in sexual intercourse tend to face higher odds of suicide attempts, according to new research. Read the article here.

What Is Cyber-Flashing?

Netsanity shares information about a disturbing new trend, Cyber-Flashing. Read the full article here.

A Global Snapshot Of Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage has become legal in a growing number of countries in recent years. Read the report from Pew Research here.

More People Think It’s Fine For Unwed Couples To Live Together. Here’s Why Many Still Think Marriage Is Better

More Americans have lived with a romantic partner than have married one, a new study from Pew Research shows. Read the article here.

Admissions To ER’s For Adolescent Sexual Abuse Have More Than Doubled

From 2010 to 2016, emergency department admissions for confirmed adolescent sexual abuse in the U.S. doubled, even as rates of child sexual abuse have steadily declined for decades. Read the article here.

Katie Couric’s New Podcast: Teens’ Easy Access To Hardcore Porn Could Hurt Them… Literally

In a preview episode of her new podcast, “Next Question With Katie Couric,” the longtime journalist says that no matter what precautions parents take, children and teens have free, easy access to porn and that it is shaping a culture of violence against women. Read the full article here.

3 Scary Things Haunting Your Kids Online

Protect Young Minds shares 3 things to be aware of that may affect your kids online. Read the full article here.

1 In 5 Teenagers Change Their Sexual Orientation During Adolescence – With Girls Nearly 3x As LIkely To Be Sexually ‘Fluid’ As Boys

Teens are ‘nuanced and dynamic’ in how they identify and experience sexuality. Read the article here.

Katie Couric’s New Podcast: Teens’ Easy Access To Hardcore Porn Could Hurt Them… Literally

Katie Couric wanted to know why  one in four women are scared during sex. Her short answer: porn. Read the article here.

Australia Wants To Use Face Recognition For Porn Age Verification

Lawmakers in Australia (like their counterparts in the United Kingdom) are looking for an effective way to limit kids’ access to online pornography. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs has a possible solution: face-recognition technology. Read the full article here.

Instagram Is Banning Filters That Promote Cosmetic Surgery As It Battles Mental Health Concerns

The company’s decision to remove the filters comes amid a growing body of research suggesting links between viewing unrealistic beauty standards online and harmful consequences in real life. Read the full article here.

Facebook’s New Dating Feature: 7 Common Questions

Facebook’s new dating feature has launched, and you may have questions. Read the full article here to learn more.

UK Drops Age-Verification Plan For Pornography Websites

Concerns over enforcement and data being misused lead government to cancel rollout. Read the article here.

PSA: Scrunchies Are The Tween Version Of The ‘Bachelorette’ Rose

Not only are the “retro” hair ties back in style, but girls are giving them to guys they think are cute, and they’re turning up in household dryers all over the land. Read the article here.

School Suspends Teens For Rape-Awareness Note, Calls It Bullying

A 15-year-old girl was suspended for bullying after trying to draw attention to what she believed was an unaddressed problem of sexual assaults involving students at her high school. Read the report here.

Ohio Resolution Seeks to Declare Pornography a ‘Public Health Hazard’

A new resolution in Ohio seeks to declare pornography a public health hazard. Read the full article here.

When Your Child Looks at Porn

Author David White shares four healthy ways to respond when you find your child watching porn on Harvest USA’s blog. Read the full article here.