Facebook Dating Launches In The US, Adds Instagram Integration

Facebook has officially launched their dating service. Read the full article here.

Teens Who Don’t Date May Be More Well-Adjusted And Less Depressed

When it comes to teen dating, a new study found that students not in a romantic relationship had stronger social skills and were less depressed than their peers. Read the article here.

5 Sneaky Locations Porn Finds Kids

Pornography is now available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Read the article here.

Popular Porn Site Launches “Sexual Wellness Center” For Sex Advice & Education

Fight the New Drug shares an article highlighting a new “Sexual Wellness Center” that popular porn site, pornhub, is releasing. Read the full article here.

4 Ways To Help Kids Deal With Discomfort: Life Skills That Build Emotional Resilience

Parents report that one of the top reasons they avoid discussions about pornography with their children is they are afraid they’ll make their child uncomfortable. Read the article here.

ROKU Platform Adds Parental Controls, Here’s How To Set It Up

Roku has added a Kids and Family section on the Roku Channel and has added parental controls to it. This is a big deal on a streaming TV platform that has been void of solid parental controls since inception. Read the full article here.

New HBO Series ‘Euphoria’ Sells ‘Graphic Adult Content’ To ‘Teens And Preteens,’ Parents Group Says

Popular new HBO TV Series, Euphoria, has gained attention for pushing graphic adult content to an audience largely made up of teens and preteens. Read the full article here.


Is your son or daughter watching this show? Chances are good that some of their peers are. This is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of media discernment with your children!

Culture’s Worst Lies About Falling In Love

Relevant Magazine shares an article talking about our culture’s worst lies about falling in love. This could be a good conversation piece to talk through with your teens that are getting close to the dating age. Read the full article here.

There’s A New Diet App For Kids, And That Scares Me

WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) has just released a new weight-loss app for kids age 8 to 17. Read the full article here.

TikTok Teen Porn Problem Exposed As Snapchat Sex Scammers Target Billion User App

TikTok, the social media short-form video creation and sharing app with more than a billion monthly active users, may be a risky choice for your teen as porn scammers are using it and snapchat to share inappropriate content on the platforms. Read the full article here.

The Trauma Of Revenge Porn

Rebekah Wells, founder of Women Against Revenge Porn, talks about her horrible experience with revenge porn. When speaking to your kids about the dangers of sexting, this article could be a good resource to read together. Read the full article here.

‘I Have Had Sex … And Jesus Still Loves Me’: ‘Bachelorette’ Stands Firm In Her Faith

In an interview, Bachelorette contestant Hannah Brown defends her statements from the tv show, and attempts to reconcile it with her faith. Read the full article here.


What are your thoughts? Talk with your teen about the challenges of honoring God in a culture that has “moved on” from God’s design for sex.

Purity Culture Trauma Didn’t Push Me Away From My Faith

Writer Erika Andersen shares her experiences in purity culture, healing from the trauma, and maintaining her faith in the process. Read the full article here.

Kittenfishing Is The Newest Online Dating Trend — And It’s Kinda Just Lying

Kittenfishing is the newest dating trend to be aware of. After reading the article here, speak with your teens about the importance of accurately representing themselves on social media, in life, and in dating relationships.

Not To Alarm You, But Studies Show Deepfake Videos Can Be Created Using Just One Image

Fight The New Drug talks about deep fakes, and the alarming fact that they can be created with just one photo of your face. Read the full article here.

Google and Facebook Trackers Found On Porn Sites By Tech Researchers

Google and Facebook is tracking activity on porn sites and using it to build profiles of people’s interests and behaviors. Read the full article here.

Well-Known Christian Author, Purity Advocate, Renounces His Faith: ‘I Hope You Can Forgive Me’

Harris, the author of the best-seller “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” a book he authored in 1997 that he later renounced after shaping purity culture for many millennial believers, revealed that he is stepping back from his faith. Read the full article here.

Can Disney’s Circle Really Deliver A Porn-Free Internet?

ARS Technica reviews and tests Disney-backed Circle internet filter system. Read the full article here.

‘The Bachelorette’ Sex Argument People Are Talking About

The Bachelorette (and Bachelor) continue to skyrocket in popularity, even among younger generations. For this reason, it’s important to stay up to date on the messages communicated by these shows and what that means for your teens. Read the following article to learn more about a heated argument people are having over a recent episode here.

Many Teen Girls Pressured By Partners To Get Pregnant

Nearly one in eight sexually active teen girls are pressured by their partners to have unprotected sex and try to conceive when they don’t want a baby, a U.S. study suggests. Read the article here.