Father Jailed For Refusing To Affirm Daughter As Male

Imagine a world where you can be jailed for attempting to protect your child from medical assault. Read the article here.

Tools For Teens To Call Out Sexual Violence

A sex ed teacher talks about how young people can try to keep themselves safe from sexual assault and be allies to others. Read the article here.

Why Is Pornography A Big Deal?

Sometimes people will say that viewing pornography is no big deal because it doesn’t hurt anyone. Sean McDowell shares why this couldn’t be further from the truth. Watch the video here.

Child On Child Harmful Sexual Behavior Part 1: A 3-Step Path To Prepare Parents

A guest blog post on Protect Young Minds helps makes parents aware of the realities of harmful sexual behavior brought on by another child. Read the post here.

Instagram for KIDS?! 3 Red Flags Every Parent Should Consider

Facebook has confirmed plans to create an Instagram for kids ages 6-12. Protect Young Minds shares three red flags to still consider for the platform. Read the full article here.

Teens Are Terrible At Breaking Up. Here Are Six Ways Parents Can Help Them Improve

It’s not easy for anyone to be good at breaking up, because it usually involves hurting someone else. But teens are particularly bad at it, and growing up online has lowered the bar. Read the article here.

#EveryonesInvited: Over Half Of Girls Have Been Sexually Harassed At School

Launched in June 2020, the #EveryonesInvited movement has been hailed “#MeToo for schools.” Read the article here.

Marvel Introduces A Gay Captain America: 3 Reflections For The Church

Sean McDowell blogs about a new comic series from Marvel that will introduce the first LGBTQ individual to pick up the mantle of Captain America. Read his 3 reflections for the church by clicking here.

Selfie-Centered Kids? How To Teach Empathy With 5 Quick And Easy Activities

From a new article at

Research shows that there’s a startling decline in empathy among kids. And in a world where capturing the perfect selfie, garnering likes and followers, and achieving social media fame are highly valued, it’s not hard to see why kids are becoming selfie-centered.

Read the full article here.

The Trans Agenda Uses Exactly The Same Tactics As Woman Abusers

Women are being silenced and threatened by a false ideology wearing feminist clothes forcing feminists to destroy opportunities for girls and women. Read the article here.

STDs Are Rising Among Teens. Can Video Games Help?

As the pandemic has driven learning online, some sex education game developers think this could be their moment. Read the article here.

How Tech Will Change Sex and Intimacy, For Better And Worse

The Wall Street Journal shares an eye-opening look into sextech, and the future of sex when mixed with technology. This is an important thing to be aware of when discipling our kids with their sexuality as this will likely be a big part of the world they inhabit in the future. Read the full article here.

After pulling ‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Dumbo,’ family TV watchdog wants Disney to act on other ‘horrific content’

After Disney+ limited several classic children’s movies on the flagship streaming service, an expert from a leading parental media watchdog group is calling on Disney to have more consistency in limiting all inappropriate (including sexual) content for children so there is no double standard. Read the full article here.

RZIM Plans To Change Name, Remove Ravi Zacharias’ Content From Website

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries intends to change the name of the organization following the release of an investigative report last month indicating that the Christian apologist was accused of “sexting, unwanted touching, spiritual abuse, and rape.” Read the full article here.

Is Anime Safe For Kids?

Protect Young Minds offers tips to find age-appropriate anime shows. Read the article here.

Amazon Stops Selling Books That Frame LGBTQ Identities As Illness

Amazon has decided to stop selling books that cast lesbian, gay and transgender identities as mental illnesses. Read the full article here.

How Tech Will Change Sex And Intimacy, For Better And Worse

Sex robots and better long-distance connections? Read the article here.

Now NY Progressives Want To Teach Kindergarteners About Gender ‘Fluidity’

A bill proposed by state Sen. Samra Brouk of Rochester would trash local control of sex ed and put in place a state-imposed curriculum that includes ideas about fluid gender identity. Read the article here.

Now NY Progressives Want To Teach Kindergarteners About Gender ‘Fluidity’

NY Lawmakers seek to enact a new sex education curriculum for K12. Read the full article here.

NYC School Encourages Kids To Stop Using Words Like ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’ In “Inclusive Language’ Guide

A Manhattan private school aiming to use more “inclusive language” is encouraging its students to stop using the terms “mom,” “dad” and “parents” because the words make “assumptions” about kids’ home lives. Read the article here.